Love is Hard…Even for the Open-Minded


Polyamorous relationships are kind of like two primary codependent alcoholics.

I’ve been sober 4 years, but have no tokens as testaments to my sobriety. This, I assume, is because “sex addiction” is still considered a compulsivity disorder, not an addiction.

Nonetheless, I’ve had a monogamous sexual relationship with the same woman for 4 years…and counting.

This is a first for me, quite frankly, and I’m proud of it.

If I were “off the wagon,” I’d openly support polyamorous couplings. I’d be an idiot not to.

If I were a pedophile, I’d support lowering the age of consent to like 9, or something.

We all do what enables our compulsions, addictions and/or perversions whether we choose to admit it or not.

You think the relationship between Bonnie and Clyde was a coincidence? Please.