Boomers Swapping Sports Cars for ‘Exhilarating Comfort’



As an urban dweller of a certain age, I can tell you unequivocally that my demographic [those born between 1946 and 1964] has, in large part, swapped their Porsche sports cars for everything but.

…and the reasons may surprise you.

First, city life, in general, means endless traffic jams [day and night], pot holes, long commutes and texting drivers oblivious to reality as the rest of us know it.

Thus, the probability of being eating alive by the urban terrain isn’t worth it.

And while many guys I know own motorcycles, but they only ride them in groups, usually for charity events.

The rest have migrated to Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes Benz…and the Porsche Macan.

They’re safe, comfortable and powerful.

What’s not to love?


1] Urbania is a nightmare to navigate. Getting to 60 mph is almost unheard of in most metropolises.

2] SUV’s are well-adapted to lifestyles that don’t involves back and forth to the office routines. Many guys I know use the larger vehicles for the purposes they were intended because they have more leisure time.

3] Safety is a big deal at this stage of life, so why risk serious injury in a fender-bended if you don’t have to?

4] Many guys I know actually like the amenities of larger vehicles, like having cup holders, great sound systems and plush leather seats. And while this may sound a lot like moving away from excitement towards comfort, I might suggest to you that after reading the aforementioned 3 items, this begins to make a lot more sense.

5] We feel like complete idiots driving around in Carrera Turbo’s unless we’re on a racetrack, which we’re not.


Not many years ago I owned sports cars. Fast ones. Flashy ones.

And then the whole thing got old.

I felt self-conscious…pretentious, perhaps.

Driving these types of vehicles makes one very, very conscious of other drivers, which becomes exhausting.

Now I drive a Land Rover LR4, and I love it.

Nobody tries to drag me at stoplights, I haven’t received a speeding ticket in years, and I can actually drive up to a restaurant without people staring at me like I’m some sort of sugar daddy wanna-be rock star in terminal adolescence.

Nuf’ said.