Elder Statesman, Rod Stewart, Enjoying Life, Love and Relevance at 70


The most successful homegrown solo star of all time, worth upwards of £350 million, Stewart has enjoyed 31 hit singles, a dozen of which, including Maggie May, You’re In My Heart, Sailing, Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?, Baby Jane and The First Cut Is The Deepest, are incontestable classics.

Yea, he missed the Baby Boom Gen by 1 year, but most of us “youngster” Boomers still consider him a member of the club.


Rod Stewart does not require introduction. You already know who he is, what he’s done, what he thinks about beautiful women, wine and song.

He is, for all intents and purposes, the very definition of relevance for a man who just turned 70.

How does he do it, keep going the way he does, feeling so alive?

1] He is fueled by a vast array of success that has paved the way for healthy self-esteem at his stage of life.

Note: There is a direct correlation between self esteem and perceived accomplishment.

2] He is happily married to a beautiful young woman who has had his back for over 2 decades.

Note: There is a direct correlation between a happy family life and longevity.

3] He continues to work, to produce to be engaged in life from every angle imaginable: Music, family, sports, car collecting, real estate…etc…

Note: The moment a man retires, his descent escalates.

4] He stay fit and healthy with help from a personal trainer, and watches his alcohol consumption, which at one time was plenty enough to sink a battleship.

Note: Maintaining physical health is one of life’s great challenges for older men, and also it’s most rewarding.

5] He appreciates where he is in life and maintains balance.

Note: Balance is key to a long, healthy life. Without it you’re just a rat on a wheel.


I know that many of you will say “Yea, I’m sure it is nice being a rich rock star with homes on several continents. No surprise he’s doing well!”

Points taken.

But many extraordinarily successful rock stars overdosed before their 30th birthdays.