Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts Attend Rhonda Rousey Screening

Eric Roberts, 60, and Mickey Rourke, 64


It’s always great to see my contemporaries still kicking ass and taking names.

While Mickey is often maligned for his sense of style, I still see a lot of balls in his immutable swagger.

In the end, he’s having fun, and at this point, that’s all that matters.

At 62, Mickey Rourke Redefines “Living Life to Its Fullest”



I’ve always been a fan of Mickey Rourke. He lives life like there’s no tomorrow [literally] … like he already knows there will, in fact, be no tomorrow.

Mickey’s a few years older than yours truly, but we’re in the same ballpark, generation-ally speaking.

We also share a certain playful audacity that comes with the territory when you’re an older, successful actor, artist, entertainer, writer, photographer and the like.

We are what civilians refer to as “out there,” some more so than others, but still.

Many people probably see Mickey as some drug-addled psychopath with delusions of relevance. What I see is an extraordinarily talented man who believed in himself, and through sheer force of will, lived to see another day.

What’s left standing is not a man in his final hours, but a man who wears the scars of his life like a badge of honor.

After all, not everyone is a normal, well adjusted adult with reasonable expectations, and thank God.