Back to the Future


Clint Eastwood, happy 85th


William Shatner, happy 84th


The man you now know as “Raymond Reddington,” happy 55th


Chevy Chase, happy 71st

enhanced-buzz-32285-1342373764-0Gary Oldham, happy 57th

Robert Redford, happy 78th


enhanced-buzz-17934-1342378691-2Martin Sheen, happy 74th


enhanced-buzz-11135-1342378579-0Jeff Bridges, happy 65th


1930807_1053689856082_8772_nJay Rusovich [me], happy 59th


When I was growing up this is what these guys looked like, myself included.

We no longer look this way, but it’s important to note that all of us travel through life in the same progression.

We all know what youth looked and felt like, because at one time, we were also maladjusted teenagers pulling figure-8’s on someone’s golf course in the middle of the night.

I bring this up also because in spite of the fact that youth is still a middle-aged man’s most precious commodity, I never appreciated it until it was gone.

Now I pay through the teeth for it.